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Welcome! With literally thousands of resources available on the Internet, searching for reliable healthcare websites is similar to playing “Pharmacy Roulette”: just throw a label on any bottle and hope it provides relief from the migraine and constipation caused by trying to search thousands of healthcare websites. Pharmatica.org was created to help you locate useful healthcare websites and hopefully reduce the highly-susceptible “searching-the-web” burnout.

Pharmatica is a Pharmacist-led, patient-centered website that combines pharmacy, information and technology. We aim to assist in your quest to finding answers to drug questions, such as “Where can I find more information on pharmaceutical drugs or medical prescriptions? Drug treatment? Prescription programs or patient assistance? Prescription or drug discount cards? More information with Medicare or Medicaid? Is my mail-order pharmacy legitimate? Where can I compare drugs or get tips? Should I have taken the blue pill or the red pill … and what exactly is the blue and red pill?

Examples of sites that you may find useful include those that:

  • Provide prescription coupons and competitive pricing, such as GoodRx
  • Include information from FDA-approved labels to identify those pesky blue and red pills, like at DailyMed.
  • Assess the different patient-responses to medication treatments, such as Iodine.
  • Locate drug trials, prescription coverage for seniors and additional healthcare assistance with direct links to gov , Medicare, and Medicaid.

What about personal health information? Trying to recall every General Practitioner, Specialist, pill and diagnosis is about as reasonable as keeping a shopping list handy when you go only once every six to twelve months. Yet, the tracking and storing of personal health information is important for patients who see several different doctors. Or for those of you with large families trying to keep track of everything, like Janie’s allergy medication, Baby Brenda’s immunization record, and what was Bobbie’s antibiotic for those chronic ear infections? References for personal health applications can be found right here at Pharmatica.

We are here to help you find reliable medical information. However, always talk to your doctor or provider about what the most appropriate treatment is for you.

If you are interested in receiving further posts, updates or general news surrounding pharmacy, technology and information, follow Pharmatica.org on Facebook and Twitter. You can also send us a note at medinfo@pharmatica.org.  We would love to hear your suggestions, questions, or even funny experiences in the medical world!

Thank you for reading.

- Mr. Glen, R.Ph.