Adverse Event Report

Your doctor should be notified of any side effect, or lack of effect, experienced from your prescription medication. If you wish to report the event to government regulators, the FDA created the MedWatch Program - a drug-safety-information and adverse-event reporting website. MedWatch reports are voluntary, and the information helps the FDA monitor the safety and effectiveness of drugs after they are approved as prescription medications. Additionally, the site provides examples of the information needed for a report. Lastly, adverse events from vaccines can be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

Apps for Medical Records

Microsoft has created HealthVault where people can store their health information online. The application is free to users and convenient for those who may see several different healthcare providers or want to have more control of their healthcare records.

Formulary Search, found at the App Store on iTunes, is a tool that can determine a drug's formulary status. In other words, whether or not the insurance company will pay for the medication. Use it to find out if your prescription is covered before leaving the doctor's office and avoid any copay surprises.

Other Healthcare Apps

Medical Conditions

The Prodigy Patient app provides information on some of the most common illnesses. Written by general practitioners and pharmacists, the app helps to guide patients, parents, and caregivers treating medical conditions and illnesses.