Clinical Trials in the U.S. is a database of clinical trials, also called clinical studies, being conducted within the United States and around the world. The video, provided by University of Michigan Library, has instructions on how to search the website for a specific clinical trial using search terms such as a disease (heart failure) or a location (New York). Once a study of interest is found, find the Study Record Detail tab. This section will provide details to the study, including the purpose, who is eligible, contact information, and locations of clinical study sites.

ResearchMatch is a site matching trial volunteers with researchers looking for study participants. People wishing to join ResearchMatch will obviously have to provide personal information (i.e. health conditions) but the site states the registry, " ... is developed by academic institutions, is secure, and free."

Clinical Trials Worldwide 

Trials in the United Kingdom

United Kingdom Clinical Trial Gateway includes trials in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The site provides information on how to sign up for a trial and what to expect. Additionally, there is information on how to search the site and questions that are frequently asked.

Trials in Europe

Although they do not explain how to join a trial, the EU Clinical Trials Register provides a way to search trial information in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) database. There is also information about trials located outside of the EU/EEA that involve research in European pediatric medicine. A PDF document provides instructions on how to search the Register.

Additional Trial Information

Apple has created ResearchKit and CareKit to help medical researchers develop new apps for patients. Apple’s open source framework provides the foundation to create clinical studies and enroll patients from their iPhone. This creates an easy way for patients to provide information for specific medical conditions such as autism or Parkinson’s disease. By collecting information from a large number of patients, researchers can better understand medical conditions and develop new forms of treatment. This also helps patients to better understand and manage their medical conditions.